What are Mastodons?

They're Big, Hairy Ideas

As taught by Dave & Chana Mason

Dave and Chana have a passion for Learning, Growing, and Teaching. Between them, they've written five books and taught numerous courses geared toward helping their students live emotionally rich, fiscally strong, and physically healthy lives.

Our Books

The Cash Machine 

A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence

Learn hundreds of financial lessons all taught through a page-turning love story.

The Size of Your Dreams

A Novel that Transforms Lives

Follow the lives of four high school seniors as they learn the tools to take charge of their lives.

Hold that Thought

Build Clarity, Peace, and Joy by Gaining Mastery over your Thinking

Chana teaches 22 tools for mastering your thinking.

The Lamp of Darkness

The Age of Prophecy Book 1

Journey back three thousand years to the epic Biblical battle between King Ahav and Elijah the Prophet.

The Key of Rain

The Age of Prophecy Book 2

The Queen's war on the prophets fails to bring an end to the drought as Elijah remains out of reach.